How To Be Confident In The Darkest Stage Of Your Life

How To Be Confident In The Darkest Stage Of Your Life

How To Be Confident In The Darkest Stage Of Your Life? We all go through sh*t in our life. In the debts of the abyss, most of us realize our purpose and make that decision to revise our lives, and do better. Depression is real, but what is “real”? Exactly! It’s inevitable. “Be confident in the darkest stage of your life.” Misery and problems are BFF’s they go together, and you will experience them till that fire gets quenched by success, peace, and the insurance for that better well-being.

Do you really want to know how To Be Confident? Yes, that’s why you reading this post, right, well? Have you ever been in a fight? I have. For the first 30 seconds, m***f was kicking the f***k out of me, but then I heard that voice; “Avoid danger, but don’t be a coward”. It took like 10-sec before that willpower started to command my subconscious mind to man up. Imagine 10 seconds in a fight, I got lucky I didn’t lose a tooth-hahaha.

You Need The Control Your Wil Power

My first superpower was my willpower; call me the green lantern. But I lost that fight that day, to fight another day, I haven’t seen that dude since — anyways what I’m trying to explain to you is that life will never favor you. There are an estimated 8 billion people on earth and trillions of other species that nature has to look after. If you want to survive — if you to make it — you have to fight your way through. Yes, we’re living in a violent world. Even the angel’s war in heaven, but after all that war, peace shall come. The headaches and problems shall pass away it won’t last forever.

How To Be Confident Life Lessons

Life? yes, that’s life! At some point, you will look back and acknowledge the lesson you intended to learn. There will always be things to help you along the way. After you’ve built up some muscle, there will be fights where you will come out unscathed — when you will be that champion getting that medal you deserve. It will all matter in the end. It will be the best memories and stories for you to inspire others like how I’m inspiring you right now because you still reading. You will come out wiser and it will make you stronger.

Keep Going

No matter what is going on in your life, keep in mind that much of what is going on right now will make up just a small piece of your life, we are spiritual beings. I’m sure! it’s even scientifically proven that humans have a light force that can’t be destroyed this is all an experience, enjoy the ride. So, instead of letting life pull you into the abyss, think of what you can do to stay focused and strong. Keep doing your best today, and life will give you much more tomorrow.

Life is not all negative, there are beautiful things in life for you to enjoy. “Small things bring the biggest smiles”… Wow. I just came up with that. If you want to boost your confidence and find your purpose don’t do something you love, but rather get better at something that will change you and make you do well. Put your energy into building your know-how in a certain area.

Not sure, what you want to become an expert in?

Consider where your strengths are and where your talents are. You may not like it but that is one way for you to go. Life can be difficult in this so-called perfect world so don’t try to fix it, it’s already perfect — try to better yourself and create your own world, if that makes you happy. We all make mistakes. Never try to convince yourself that you won’t make mistakes because you are going to. Don’t be afraid of mistakes.

Think of them as learning opportunities. Try to learn from those mistakes.

If you want life to believe in you, you got to believe in yourself. Believing in yourself is like the blueprint of all these social media gurus. This “believe in yourself” quote is not a joke, it works. What really matters is that you are satisfied with who you are. What others think really doesn’t. You have the power to change the course of your life. You should accept who you are — your strengths and weaknesses– your limitations. Aim to become better do better and you will become better.


One last thing that you shouldn’t forget. Yes! Never forget, to punch life in the F***ng Face.

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