How I Improve My life

How I Improve My life

How I Improve My life? There are a lot of ways to improve your mental health, but choose the ones that are good for you. By scheduling and planning my lifestyle, I made my life much more organized and efficient. One of the reasons I started that pad was because I had forgotten a lot and broken a lot of promises, but when I started to plan and schedule my lifestyle, things started to change, and my life got much better. I made more friends, more money, and more everything. Not that I got it perfect, but it got much better, and I only started this way of living some months ago.

This is the beginning of my author’s journey to greatness; wish me well! In life, I saw one thing that changed me, and that is that before men were, the earth, the sea, the animals, the clouds, and the sun — everything already was. It’s even written in many religious scriptures — but now, mankind is trying to separate itself from this setting, or there are “people in high places” that are distracting the masses to keep the knowledge for themselves so they can rule over them. But that’s another story!

What I saw in these settings is that nothing is being done by force; everything is in harmony with each other. Animals only kill what they will eat, but humans kill for sport. That’s the disharmony of the humans here on earth. It will be very difficult to change a human, yes, very difficult, because we all have free will, but it won’t hurt if I share my story with those who need help and are also trying to get in tune with nature and the cosmos.

Become An Early Bird

We all know the saying, “The early bird gets the worm.” You don’t only get the worm, but your mind is also performing better in the morning. As an early riser, I feel much more energized, problem-solve quicker, and like I could become the CEO of Star link; and sometimes I feel like I could become president of the United States. I feel like anything is possible; don’t get me wrong. I didn’t begin to experience this in the first week, but after some time, I awoke feeling like a king. Getting up early gives you more time and more control over your day.

Exercise / Fruit

I do some pushups to ease my muscles and start the blood flow in my body. 10 minutes is enuff, and I don’t do it to become buff or shredded; it’s all to get the blood pumping and the motor running in my body. Most people drink tea, but my body doesn’t really like it in the morning, so I drink some hot oatmeal with warm water. oatmeal helps clean the stomach and has many other benefits. For energy, I’m doing my best to go low on sugar, trying to get my sugar from fruits, so I eat a banana or an apple.

You Got To Start Reading Aloud

In order to get my brain functioning properly, I listen to audiobooks or read. I always choose positive reading material — never gossip, ¨fake¨ news, or anything negative — in order to set my mind up for success and peace. This is because the mind will reflect back to you what it has heard.

You Got To Do The Work

I am a freelancer and entrepreneur, and I have a plan for scheduling my workday routines I always make a week’s worth of plans so I can be steps ahead of my competitors. However, if you are working a job, try your best to become independent so you can also have better health and a good lifestyle if you are not doing what you love. I can´t be slack, always keep moving!

Please, I Beg You Take Showers

After my morning workout and after work, I’ll warm up and cool down the mussels. It really depends on how I’m feeling when deciding what kind of showers to take after a long day at work. If it’s hot outside, I’ll exercise for 10 minutes before taking a hot shower, and if it’s cold outside, I’ll take a cold shower.

Don’t Forget To Reflect

Many people misunderstand and misuse the term meditation and how it works, mostly because they do it for benefits or to solve problems. I use meditation to reflect on everything I didn’t do right in my life, not to feel bad about what I think I did wrong but to perfect myself and reform myself in all the ways that I see fit and possible for me to become a better person. I take the time to talk to my deep conscious self, the voice you hear when making decisions. I Self Reflect to congratulate, forgive myself for everything, and try to be a better version of myself.

Take Time Recharge

When I browse social media these days, I see a lot of gurus, well-known entrepreneurs, and other successful individuals. Most of them claim to sleep three to four hours every night, but, to be honest, most of them don’t lead delighted lives. The human body is much more well-equipped, so I try to go to bed early so I can wake up early. Your mind, body, and soul need that recharge in order to continue your journey, and I don´t believe that 3 to 4 hours will be enough.


This is my schedule and the method I use to better myself and improve my way of life. I’ve just finished taking a cold shower, and I’m about to meditate and reflect on the journey I took today. Who knows, maybe one day I’ll write about my daily life. I hope these seven steps will help you see the light in your life and inspire you to better yourself.

Now tell me, how did you better yourself?!

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