72 Inspirational quotes by Amari Parker

72 Inspirational quotes by Amari Parker

Inspirational quotes: Life will sometimes not be in our favor, but faith, hope, and belief have kept mankind going for centuries, so… why stop now? ‘It is written, ‘Man shall not live by bread alone, but by every WORD that comes from the mouth of God’” (Matthew 4:1–4). I’m not being religious but this Man named “Yahshua”- the most famous person on the planet for more than two millennia. He conquered the minds of people with just WORDS.

I want to continue this type of idea. The idea of helping my fellow men to reach their full potential in life gives them a feeling of being worthy in this world full of hostility. Let me unstow some of this venom and feed your soul, mind, and spirit with words of light.

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Inspirational quotes:

  1. “Prepare for the future or the future will make decisions for you.”
  2. “The most difficult task for the I is to master oneself.”
  3. “Properly start listening to the voice inside you.”
  4. “Rise as the sun, move as the moon, and keep them amazed as the stars.”
  5. “There is only one choice, your choice.”
  6. “Follow that deep voice inside you.”
  7. “Be more than someone’s penumbra.”
  8. “ Your identity is within.”
  9. “It’s about being merry, at peace, and self-aware of character.”
  10. “Don’t worship money.”
  11. “One act of kindness can change your life.”
  12. “Don’t live life on autopilot.”
  13. “Just try and if you fail, try 1000 times 1000 more.”
  14. “Be polite, you’re not the only creature of creation.”
  15. “Sometimes you just got to be weird.”
  16. “Don’t let a moment of comfort be your downfall.”
  17. “Don’t let the system determent your success.”
  18. “Be confident in the darkest stage of your life.”
  19. “Sometimes you must know when to give back.”
  20. “Sometimes you must know when to stop-restart-rethink and start over.”
  21. “Not everything was meant to be yours.”
  22. “Greed and ego destroyed many Kings, don’t let them consume you too.”
  23. “Only a fool will say; There is no God, but look in the mirror every day.”
  24. “Success starts with the first thought.”
  25. “Practice doesn’t only make you perfect, but it makes you a legend.”
  26. “You have failed when you appreciate others more than one’s self.”
  27. “One moment can change your view of the world.”
  28. “One good deed can enlighten a poor soul.”
  29. “Mind your thoughts, before you poison yourself.”
  30. “Be a spark in the darkest room.”
  31. “To be a noble leader, you must first follow the trail of a noble leader.”
  32. “Yes, you are what you gobble up.”
  33. “Choose with the spirit, not the heart.”
  34. “Self-mastery is the key to a better life.”
  35. “The reason why you suffer is that you object to yourself.”
  36. “Converse with the inner you, you will be surprised what you have to say.”
  37. “Judge yourself, before you say people are judging you.”
  38. “Sometimes you got to blame others for your mistakes.”
  39. “Yes is them, not you.”
  40. “Before I complain, I interpret the circumstances.”
  41. “Never explain yourself to pigs.”
  42. “Even you have the opportunity to become to best self.”
  43. “Find a skill and master it.”
  44. “Don’t avoid those that truly cherish you.”
  45. “First you got the understand to over stand.”
  46. “Don’t let an alarm wake you up.”
  47. “Stand on your own merit.”
  48. “Be an interesting being, to have an interesting life.”
  49. “Give a little to receive a lot.”
  50. “Be more than just a line on a piece of paper.”
  51. “You feel like a blank page because you haven’t written anything yet”.
  52. “Mind your tongue, it has the power to reconstruct your well-being.”
  53. “Choose an angle that fits your criteria.”
  54. “Think critically when it comes to being part of something.”
  55. “Always ask why, it will emancipate your mind.”
  56. “Don’t just smile outworth, but smile inward it will cherish your soul.”
  57. “Let that voice inside of you guide you.”
  58. “You are a slave when you’re depending on the will of someone else.”
  59. “Look in the mirror and you will see GOD.”
  60. “Be creative in all your ways.”
  61. “Make space for your subconscious mind, to express itself.”
  62. “Don’t mistake being cautioned with fear.”
  63. “Avoid danger, but don’t be a coward.”
  64. “Learn to accept the truth of the world, don’t let tyrants guide you.”
  65. “Be the starring in your own Movie.”
  66. “Sometimes you have to go through the fire, to become your perfect self.”
  67. “Pain is part of the process, learn to endure.”
  68. “I adore you, keep doing your best.”
  69. “Don’t taunt your will.”
  70. “Give flavor to your existence.”
  71. “Be unique in all your ways.”

I hope you enjoyed reading my first quotes. Let them inspire you, my friend!

72. “Be GREAT, because you are.”

by Amari Parker

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